Anatomy of Experience

The Anatomy of Experience blog is a place to gather and share thoughts on the nature of “human experience”, with an eye to how it informs and inspires us to create better immersive digital experiences with VR/AR/XR technologies. Hope you find some food for your own work and journey. And I look forward to engaging with you in the conversation.

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Minority Report

Changing Times

Flashes from the Annals of VR

Shifting Realities

Experience Thinking

*Note, the keen observer and grammarians will notice quickly I tend to use “VR” in many places to keep things simple, and because immerisive VR – where the whole world is digitally created – is usually the clearest case to think about. I personally view all XR technologies as different flavors of ice cream, not as distinct deserts. So please just apply what I say about VR to any other “R”: AR/XR/R-d’jour.