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Anatomy of Experience

Lessons I’ve learned about how virtual reality helps us understand people, and how understanding people helps to make better virtual experiences.

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The power of play

TEDMED, San Francisco watch at TedMed 
Virtual Reality harnesses the power of play for serious benefits: pain therapy, PTSD and phobias. This talk from TEDMED’s main stage highlights a decade of VR therapy applications that prove VR is not just a toy.

VR makes the unspoken spoken

TEDx ARUCAD-Kyrenia, Cyprus watch on vimeo 
Immersive tech like VR and AR are becoming widely accessble, soon to be ubiquitous.  After decades of work creating virtual worlds for health and education, I’ve seen the hopeful potential but also glimpses of potentially dangerous unintended consequences that we all need to recognize.

Digital Immunotherapy

The Garage by HP 
VR puts the patient at the center of care, and activates the patient’s own internal ability to heal. VR is a form of digital immunotherapy, which strengthens our innate powers of healing without drugs – mind over molecule.

Transform the journey for doctors and patients

Medical Minute – Watch on YouTube
Virtual reality is showing a new path to manage pain, and bring people back from addiction. “Pain is not ‘just in your head’, but the solution can be.”

VR makes health messages strong and sticky

Attack of the S. Mutans – attackofthemutans.com
AOTSM showed that a public health message delivered in high impact virtual reality can have a profound positive impact on health behavior.  The project targetted oral health self-care in kids 8 to 12 with a museum exhibit of VR experiences.

Mobile risk assessment makes prevention easy

Created for UCSF School of Dentistry: MyCAMBRA simplifies patient risk assessment based on current health status and key risk factors.  A companion CAMBRA Online Continuing Education course was created to give oral health professionals background on the chemistry and practice of the CAMBRA approach.


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